Did the colored drawing a few years back and had forgotten about it until I had happened upon it tonight.  It’s one of my favorite faces I’ve ever drawn and decided to do something with it (the greyscale image).  The only thing good to keep was the face, so I decided to scrap pretty much everything aside from the face, but still keeping with the same concept (this was more of a fun personal piece for me, so it isn’t something really to think about, literally just a cool girl with some cool spit.  I must have been feeling some attitude when I drew this haha). With how I work, the finished piece probably won’t surface until later this year, but I’m already excited about it :D

Another portrait I’m working on.  I drew the face on the bottom sometime last year and decided to take it somewhere a few weeks ago.  Sadly it won’t be retaining its original creepiness, but it’ll still be moody.

This past weekend’s portrait project in progress.  It’s evolved from a sketch I did to help me get to sleep.  I originally wasn’t expecting to do anything with the sketch, but I can now add it to my collection of fleshy portraits I’ve got underway :D